Top 10 Deep Fried Fair Foods

The Fair is the ultimate gathering place for the fat, the obese, SSBBW’s, the weird and everything in between. It’s a mecca of rides, games and overpriced food. Every Summer, the fair puts anything it can think of into a deep fryer and serves it up to hungry fairgoers all over the country. Nothing says “Fuck you I’m an American” like eating a ball of fried butter washed down with some fried coke. The newcomer this year to the deep frying circuit was the deep fried Kool-aid. Below is a list of 10 must try deep fried foods.

10. Deep fried Cheesecake

9. Deep fried Twinkie 

8. Deep fried Oreo

7. Deep fried Bacon

6. Deep fried Mac and Cheese

5. Deep fried Butter

4. Deep fried cupcake

3. Deep fried Coca Cola

2. Deep Fried Krispy Kreme Burger

1. Australian Battered deep fried potatoes



Hopefully next year some one can figure out how to re-deep fry Pringles.




4 responses

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  3. You missed out deep fried mars bar and the deep fried snickers….both also an aussie fave. PS the deep fried potatoes you speak of are called potato cakes just to make it worse 😀

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