Top 10 fa(s)t food restaurants

10. KFC

Gotta love the double down. KFC does the colonel right!

Gutbuster: chicken pot pie- 790 calories

Fattylane pick: double down, mashed potatoes, popcorn chicken, biscuits, Famous bowl, Pepsi

9. Arby’s

Nothing beats Arby-q-sauce.

Gutbuster: Rueben sandwich- 700 calories

Fattylane pick: 3 max beef’ sandwiches (pictured above) and a pepsi


Dipping french fries into a frosty is a must.

Gutbuster: 3/4lb triple burger- 1030 calories

Fattylane pick: Jr. bacon cheeseburger, spicy chicken sandwich, frosty, 1/2 pound double cheeseburger

7. Carl’s Jr.

…or Hardees for the mid-westerners.

Gutbuster: Guacamole bacon six dollar burger- 1060 calories

Fattylane pick: Double western bacon cheeseburger, crisscut fries, Coke

6. Del Taco

Soooooo goood.

Gutbuster: Steak macho nachos- 1150 calories

Fattylane pick: Del Beef Burrito, 3 regular tacos, 1/2 pound bean and cheese burrito large mr. pibb

5. Dairy Queen

Land of the Blizzard

Gutbuster: Large chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard-1300 calories

Fattylane pick: Any blizzard

4. Jack in the Box

First off, Jack in the box holds one of the greatest food mysteries in the world. The tacos they advertise come out looking way different when you order them. They are insanely delicious for how horrible they look. example below.

Gutbuster:  Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger- 940 calories

Fattylane Pick: jumbo jack, breakfast jack, tacos, seasoned curly fries

3. In-n-Out

Blows everyone away in terms of freshness.

Gutbuster: double double with onion- 670 calories.

Fattylane pick: 5×5 animal style with fries and a strawberry shake

2. Taco Bell

Count me in for 4th meal…and 1st 2nd and 3rd.

Gutbuster : Valcano nachos- 980 calories

Fattylane pick- 2 valcano tacos, quesadilla with ground beef, Nacho Cheese Chalupa beef and potato burrito, Pepsi

1. Wienerschnitzel

The best 2am chili dog you’ll ever eat.

Gutbuster: All beef angus chili dog on a pretzel bun 620 calories

Fattylane pick- 2 chili cheese dogs on a pretzel bun, chili cheese fries, chili cheese burger, strawberry lemonade


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