Top 10 Resons to Date a Fat Girl

10. Approachable and easy to talk to

Fat girl’s won’t have every guy in the bar all over them. Chances are, you’ll have a clear path to walk right up and take her home.

9. Big and Cuddly

Just like your life size teddy bear growing up, a fat girl will be big, fluffy and cuddly. The stuffing won’t come out either from wear and tear!

8. Makes Flying easier

On vacations you’ll never have to worry about sitting next to a stranger. You’ll have your seat and the two seats next to you she’ll have to purchase.

7. Other dudes won’t hit on your girlfriend

Kiss jealousy goodbye. She’ll wont get attention from anyone else wherever you go.

6. Eat everything and anything you want

Chinese food at 3am? Yep. Two burritos for breakfast? Sounds good. Ice cream Sundae for lunch? As long as she stays fatter than you anything is fair game.

5. Family discounts at the Zoo

Whether she’s visiting relatives in the hippo exhibit or the elephant cage, she’s sure to get the family discount…because her relatives work at zoo…of course…

4. She won’t be conceited

If she’s fat, she wasn’t popular in high school, which means she won’t think she’s all that and a can of pringles.

3. Mobile water bed

The water bed was so cool in the 90’s. Now you can have your own portable water bed.

2. Insulation during the winter months

Everyone gets cold during the winter months. Curl up with a cup of hot cocoa, put on your favorite movie and wrap yourself up in arm fat

1. More cushion for the pushin’

Ahem…the most obvious reason.



6 responses

  1. I disagree with some of the more derogatory reasons but most of them are quite accurate. Unfortunately a lot of guys are starting to catch on to the fact that fat chicks make great girlfriends and the pickings aren’t as plentiful as they used to be. A fat girl is a wonderful partner as they love sex and will do just about anything in bed because they have such low self-esteem. When they get depressed or bitchy you can always cheer them up or improve their mood with ice cream or some other fattening goodie. Fat girls with pretty faces have their own advantages because they aren’t quite as embarrassing to be seen with as the fugly ones are. If she is 300lbs but has the face of an angel most people over look her bloated form and will sympathize with your choice of women by saying things like “your girlfriend has such a pretty face” or “your woman has such lovely eyes”. People will also think more highly of your character by assuming since you are with a fatty you must not be a shallow asshole and that you are the type of guy that sees the inner beauty that all women of size claim they possess.

    They usually have fantastic personalities and get along with everyone. They usually land decent jobs in places like customer service call centers or inside sales departments. That’s because no company wants to be affiliated with having fat pigs on staff but yet they see the benefit of putting the fat girl’s personality talents to work for them.

    The fat girl as a wife is great as well. She never bitches when you go out with the guys and as long as you keep her happy with chocolates and the occasional floral arrangement she is a happy ball of blubber. In general she will ready accept impregnation and is a natural at raising children. But be warned, just like all women of every size she loves to shop and clothing a huge fat women can be a challenge financially. Specialty shops that make clothing big enough for your fat sweaty Betty tend to be a tad more expensive than shops that make clothing for all your friend’s normal sized wives. Of course if you are lucky enough to have a somewhat smaller fatty who can still squeeze into clothing from Wal-Mart and who hasn’t yet exceeded the off the shelf plus sized clothing you are in luck. But still for husbands like me whose wives require custom sized stretch pants, panties, bras and tops there are ways to afford these necessities. Internet boutiques which feature custom sizes for mountain sized women do not charge sales tax and sometimes offer discounts for those of us with wives who require the biggest sizes available.

    In closing I have to say that being married to a pretty porker isn’t nearly as bad as some of the less honest and insightful guys would claim. Women of all sizes have their own inherent strengths, weakness, advantages and disadvantages. The trick is finding your own priorities in life and picking the kind or size of woman that fits in with your own view of how life should be.

  2. I agree.. but u know what?
    seems on the contrary that
    even in Taiwan the country I’m living in
    Fat women are getting popular
    low self esteem easy to control
    low maintenance which is perfect for
    marriage.. in the long haul..
    on the contrary a semi TV star
    and hot girl like me I’m in the 30s
    Is STILL single having a hard time finding a man
    coz I’m not fat

    I totally agree with what u say
    keep going

    Too bad I’m not the president
    Or we’ll see what will be done.

  3. This is a lot of shit! I’m fat and as bitchy as any skinny girl. Know what? I don’t have self steem reasons, you can kiss my fat ass, asshole. I wasn’t unpopular since nobody would dare to snob me or he/she would get their ass kicked. I’m high maintenence and I have an amazing job working directly with the public. Sooo your theories are as asholish as you are. But, wtf thanks God I don’t need to be content with an asshole who only wants me because he is too afraid to go for what he truly wants. I make enough money to buy myself a dude, a LOW maintainance one!
    Fuck you to hell, dipshits

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