The fattest woman in the world

Susanne Eman is on a quest to become the fattest woman ever. She currently tips the scales at around 730 pounds.  She plans to be 800 pounds by the end of next year and 1,600 pounds in the next 10 years. Currently 32 years old, the 1600 pound mark should be reached by the time she is 41 or 42 if she continues her 20,000 calorie per day diet.

A typical day includes


6 scrambled eggs in butter

4 potatoes

6 pieces of toast

32 ounce cream shake

2 liter soda

1 bag BBQ flavored chips

ham and cheese sandwich

Breakfast Calories=10,044


3 beef and bead burritos

with her not so fat sister

1 cup sour cream

1 head of lettuce

1 cup cherry tomatoes

1 cup carrots

1 cucumber

1/2 cup ranch dressing

bacon bits

1 cup cheese

1 cup chicken

Lunch Calories=2932


12 tacos

1 cup sour cream

2 liter soda

8 scoops vanilla ice cream

1 pan of brownies

Dinner calories= 8986


Total Daily Calories= 21962

That’s 23.5 cans of pringles for the record. She makes one 8 hour trip to the grocery store per month and spends 8 hours stocking up on food. It’s unknown how many motorized scooters the grocery store goes through per visit. Susanne claims she is healthier and happier than ever. Apparently there’s a fine line between confidence and delusion.  She “waddles and stretches and exercises every day.” She actually used those words. She claims to be attracting more men than ever! Her ex-husband was unavailable for comment but word is he just didn’t like her personality.


I must say, there is something about an obese person manning up and not bitching and making excuses for why they’re so fat. She knows exactly why she’s so fat. It’s still disgusting but at least she thinks she’s beautiful. And the fat fetish hunters out there boost her self esteem and keep her amused. She has even arranged for her sister to take care of her children if (when) she dies from her weight problem. Now that’s a responsible parent.



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