Top 10 Fat Cartoon Characters

10. Porky Pig

Show: Looney Tunes

How he got fat…Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-This is what happens to you when you’re a pig! Porky is the rare exception of fat and cute

9. Bobby Hill

Show: King of the Hill

How he got fat…Eating Hank Hill’s Steaks grilled with propane and propane accessories

8. Barney Gumble

Show: The Simpsons

How he got fat…Duff Beer

7. The Blob

Show: X-men

How he got fat…is unknown, but being indestructible because you’re obese is pretty bad ass.

6. Yogi Bear

Show: Yogi Bear

How he got fat…stealing campers picnic baskets

5. Garfield

Show: Garfield

How he got fat…lasagna and laziness

4. Fred Flinstone

Show: The Flinstones

How he got fat…too many¬†Brontosaurus chops

3. Homer Simpson

Show: The Simpsons

How he got fat…Donuts and Duff Beer

2. Peter Griffin

Show: Family Guy

How he got fat…Pawtucket Patriot Ale

1. Eric Cartman

Show: South Park

How he got fat…Cheesy Poofs and KFC


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