Don’t judge me!

A new study published this week on overweight women confirms that women may STILL feel stigmatized about their weight even if their family and friends don’t judge them negatively. The findings showed the mass media marketing machine  have more influence on how women feel about their weight…I smell big fat excuses!

This brings up the question, should a loved one tell someone they love they’re overweight? Or should they just let their health problems and weight spiral out of control. Is this the best kind of love? If my friend was a heroin addict would i tell him he has a problem or will that make him feel insecure and stigmatized?

It seems it’s worse to hurt someone’s feelings than let them destroy their health. I know, I know, “but it’s their bodies!” That is FINE WITH ME! I don’t care, just let me have my fat bashing media!


The article concluded

“Fat is understood culturally to represent profound personal failing and the attendant moral messages attached to it include laziness, lack of self-control and being undesirable or even repulsive.”

Hey, You said it not me. The real problem may be pringles addiction, but that’s a story for another day.

Time Spent Eating Pringles


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